A holiday dilemma solved

(note: if you’ve not read A holiday dilemma, this might not make much sense…)

San Sebastián is a bloody trek. Looking up flight information from Manchester Airport, the cheapest journey I could make would see me fly Ringway to Gatwick, then transfer to Heathrow, then fly to Madrid, then fly to San Sebastián Airport. That’s three flights and as many train/bus journeys in between.

And, of course, the trip doesn’t end there. No, no, no – that would be much too easy. San Sebastián Airport, as it turns out, isn’t in San Sebastián at all. It’s in an entirely separate place called Hondarribia.

Presumably, I’d have to get another bus.

Now, obviously there are ways to shorten such an expedition; to reduce the number of flights and speed it up a bit. But unfortunately, there are no ways to shorten it enough. It’s too much travel for me. I’m just not willing to make that sort of commitment.

So we looked for somewhere else to go. Somewhere easier to get to, but which still met our needs. Barcelona seemed to fit the bill very nicely, but for some reason my wife didn’t really fancy it.*

Nothing interested me in the rest of Spain, so our thoughts moved across the border and we started thinking about France instead.

“Sod it, why don’t we just sack off the coastal town idea and go to Paris?” my wife said.

“OH HELL YES!” was my reply.

So it’s decided then. In October 2012, for my first trip abroad in eight and a half years, I’m going to the culinary centre of the entire universe. And I cannot wait.

Visits to Ladurée and Pierre Hermé are a must. We’ll head to one of the city’s three-starred Michelin restaurants as well – although deciding which to go to will require a lot of thought.

But where else to eat, drink and be merry? If you have any recommendations, please let me know.


*When I say ‘some reason’, I mean ‘no reason’.


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  1. Best thing I did on my trip there was a bicycle tour of “the real Paris”. What made it especially good was that after the tour they gave us a list of recommendations of their favourite bars and restaurants.

    I’ve still got the printout, so if you don’t fancy a couple of hours of (gentle) pedalling, you can take a gander at that. No Michelin stars on it, but one place did unlimited wine and that’s an automatic Mackay Star

  2. Nice one – definitely pass that on. We won’t be fine dining all the time. In fact, we’ll probably do it just once given some of the eye-watering prices.

    Cheap recommendations are as welcome as any other.

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